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Stay on top of growing IT demands with XaaS

Everything as a Service (XaaS) provides the capability to businesses of all sizes to stay competitive with scalability and predictability while allowing for innovation. 

  • Transition from Fixed to Flexible
  • Bundle hardware, software, and managed services
  • Transition from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Low-cost predictable payment options over a subscription term
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Stronger Cybersecurity
There was an over 400% increase in small business cyber breaches in 2020. With XaaS you'll benefit from current software generations, tech, and other aspects of IT while decreasing potential for human error.
Better Backup & Disaster Planning
Regular backups of your data are a key to your success. Utilizing XaaS models helps to ensure that your info and data is safely backed up in the Cloud. It can be accessed immediately and restored in a matter of hours.
Cost Savings
Xaas removes the commitments involved with purchasing multiple software programs and upfront capital expenditures for new hardware and replacements every few years.
Increased Growth
The scalable nature of the XaaS model will promote growth and ensure your business is more effective. Scaling provides you the ability to put the right tools in place with a predictable, fixed cost for services which will reduce overhead and ease cash flow for your other business needs.
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What is the Benefit of XaaS?

According to Deloitte's Flexible Consumption Models Study, greater agility is one of the primary advantages of XaaS models. Over 75% of respondents identified that XaaS optimizes the prototype of new solutions and 70% noted that XaaS enabled them to access tools and introduce new capabilities that is normally too expensive or time consuming.

Increased Agility
Deloitte reported that 39% of companies found that increased adoption of XaaS models helped them keep pace with their larger competitors.
Peace of Mind
XaaS removes the need for SMBs to invest large sums of money into hardware and software to stay competitive in their market. With low cost and predictable payment options over a subscription term you can easily manage your budget and growth forecast.
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