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Customer Spotlight: Liberty Excavating, LLC
Liberty Excavating, LLC Location: Falling Waters, WV Services utilized: Web Design, Web Hosting, and Managed Services including Avast Business Antivirus and Avast Patch Management URL:

Liberty Excavating, LLC

Location: Falling Waters, WV

Services utilized: Web Design, Web Hosting, and Managed Services including Avast Business Antivirus and Avast Patch Management



Greg Dash, the owner of Liberty Excavating, LLC, contacted us in regards to a new website for his company and after discussing what he was looking for we came up with a plan to: Obtain the domain as there are a number of other Liberty Excavating websites, one being in Pennsylvania, therefore we chose to put the state within the URL to help separate the two. Provide web hosting with four email addresses (included in the hosting package) Immediately launch a one page “Hello World” site to begin establishing a presence in the various search engines. Together we developed and agreed upon a Statement of Work (SOW), which defines expectations, tasking, high level timelines, and definition of done. Within several weeks of collaboration with Greg to identify content, pictures, and the color scheme, we had a modern web site launched for him. The new site exists of five pages: Home, About, Contact Us, Services, and Blog with the pages utilizing modern web features. We continually tweak his search engine optimization (SEO) information in order to better align his site with search engines. We have been able to provide him 100% uptime since April 2021 as of the date of this writing. ​ Additionally, we provided a free assessment of his current company computer and what the cost to upgrade parts would be. Based on our assessment he then asked us to provide recommended specifications for a new PC, which he used to purchase a new system. As part of our services, we set up the new PC for him and transferred the data from the old PC and configured a file share so that files could be accessed from both computers. Once we announced our Avast Business and Dell Technology partnerships, we reached out to Greg to inform him of the additional capabilities that we now offered due to the partnerships and he immediately signed up for a three-year Managed Services and Avast Business agreement. He no longer needed to utilize his Geek Squad subscription as we are able to monitor and manage both of the computers that are utilized by Liberty Excavating. These are patched with Operating System (OS) and third part application security patches on a regular basis and we are able to resolve challenges remotely without little to no interaction by the Liberty Excavating Team. Although we speak often, the Liberty Excavating team does not worry about their data or computer security as they know we are monitoring and protecting them.

Liberty Excavating is one of the many reasons we decided to start Efficacy IT, we are providing Greg the peace of mind that his domain, website, and computers will be properly managed and his information secure with the utilization of Avast Business Antivirus and Avast Business Patch Management, so that he can focus on his expertise, which is septic systems and excavation.

Thank you Liberty Excavating, LLC and Greg Dash for your trust in us and we look forward to growing with you!

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